MaXgear car parts

Careful selection of suppliers and thorough quality control allowed to create a very rich offer of replacement parts for passenger cars and vans. A group of specialists responsible for MaXgear brand development regularly watches over maintaining high reliability of products, originating from leading, renowned factories. MaXgear is also present in the world encyclopaedia of knowledge of replacement parts in the automotive industry which is TecDoc.

Reliable solutions for your car

Technologically advanced production lines are used for manufacturing of MaXgear parts. Materials used in replacement parts undergo adequate selection and are constantly monitored in terms of met standards.

Our products offer users not only savings, but also performance and longer life of used subassemblies, increased durability of car parts is taken into account already at the stage of design. Basing on experience and knowledge gained for over 12 years, we create for users solutions directly translating into failure-free operation and easier assembly.

Good brake pads and discs, springs, shock absorbers and batteries

Apart from car parts, MaXgear has in its offer batteries manufactured in the most modern factory in Poland. Batteries feature the highest level of workmanship and adaptation to dedicated car models. Versions intended for European cars are fitted with optical charging tester, while batteries for Asian cars are fitted with clamp adapters.

All products are also manufactured subject to application of stringent ecological standards and taking into account social responsibility of business. In the coming years innovative projects will be oriented on the upgrade of manufacturing processes with a particular emphasis on limiting harmful emission, use of renewable energy sources and reuse of raw materials.


Several important dates from our history

  • 2023

    MaXgear becomes the main partner of the Speed Games events
  • 2022

    the TVN TURBO RALLY TEAM, sponsored by MaXgear, wins the Criterium of Aces on Karowa Street
  • 2022

    the MaXgear brand participated for the first time at the Automechanika trade fair in Frankfurt
  • 2021

    product offer exceeded 35,000 references
  • 2020

    main partner of TVN TURBO RALLY TEAM Ł. Byśkiniewicz, Z. Cieślar
  • 2019

    enlargement of the Auto Partner's headquarters by 11,000 m2
  • 2017

    the product range exceeded 20,000 items
  • 2016

    new MaXgear logo
  • 2015

    extension of the product range: air-conditioning and cooling system elements
  • 2014

    expansion to the European market
  • 2014

    transfer of the Auto Partner's headquarters to a new logistic and distribution centre in Bieruń with the area of 20,000 m2
  • 2013

    the product range exceeded 10,000 items
  • 2010

    extension of the product range: suspension system elements
  • 2009

    MaXgear's product range was included in the TecDoc, Integra, and Nextis catalogues
  • 2009

    extension of the product range: filters and camshaft elements
  • 2009

    the product range exceeded 5,000 items
  • 2008

    extension of the product range: brake discs, suspension shock absorbers, brake calipers, bearings
  • 2008

    the product range exceeded 1,000 items
  • 2008

    extension of the product range: brake pads, joints
  • 2008

    registration of the MaXgear trademark
  • 2007

    the first automotive trade fairs MaXgear participated in
  • 2006

    extension of the product range: power steering pumps, electric fuel pumps, ignition coils, viscose couplings
  • 2006

    establishment of the MaXgear brand

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