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Product range

Suspension and steering system

Product range / Suspension and steering system

Product range / Suspension and steering system

Shock absorbers


Due to state-of-the-art technological solutions used in the MaXgear shock absorbers, they have very good dampening qualities and guarantee high comfort. MaXgear is a guarantee of continuous traction on bumps, stable handling while taking curves as well as full control of the vehicle while braking. A big number of orders from the manufacturer allowed us to provide a high quality product at an attractive price.

Sleeves and pins

Tuleje oraz sworznie

Durable control arm pins which maXgear offers guarantee long life at full performance. Using rubber mounts increases their durability and ensures proper functioning. A wide range of sleeves is characterized by high-quality rubber as well excellent vulcanization process which guarantees durability even in the most severe conditions.

Stabilizer links

Łączniki stabilizatora

The MaXgear offers over 450 references of the stabilizer links for popular vehicles in the market. The offer is continuously enriched by the references both from the scope of European and Asian producers. Using high-tech components in the production process guarantees more miles at full performance.

Steering gears

Przekładnie kierownicze

The steering gears are manufactured in compliance with all ISO standards and transfer the steering wheel movements to the steering system very effectively. High-tech production solutions provide high quality and driving safety. A selection of reference numbers are provided with mounts and tie rods included.

Control arms


Control arms are the most important element of the suspension of a vehicle. They are the basis of driving safety and yet they are continuously exposed to many factors on the road. MaXgear products are made of high quality metal alloys, which guarantees high durability.

Depending on the client's needs, we offer both full sets of control arms as well as control arms without pins.



The high-tech maXgear springs are manufactured using high quality press-resistant steel according to the current European standards. In consequence, they provide high performance for a long time and in most severe conditions.


An indispensable element of a steering system. The element facilitates free and safe driving in new generation vehicles. Quality of products is similar to elements used in new vehicles.


Made in automated assembly lines, they ensure long life even in the most difficult conditions. Their quality, being the result of application of the highest quality materials, guarantees the highest sense of safety to users.


Elements necessary for long life and failure-free operation of shock absorbers. They should be thoroughly inspected during every repair of suspension. The offer contains complete anti-dust sets for an axle and individual items of buffers or covers.


In the consequence of wear of these elements, suspension starts to generate a lot of noise, while precision of driving and stability of a vehicle decreases. Contrary to a common opinion, it is not a “long-lived” part, it should be replaced together with shock absorbers. The offer contains complete pads or without bearings. The chosen pad bearings are also available separately.